Sunday, March 18, 2012

 The rain finally came and the kids loved playing in it.  Here is a cute video of Bella.

 Noah's christmas performance with all the kindergarten classes

 Oakland temple lights at Christmas time.

 Christmas Eve dinner at our house.

 Every year we go to the city before christmas to see santa and ride the trolly.  This year i braved with the kids by myself and we had a great day.
 In Tahoe with the kids.  Lucy started skiing and loves it.  Thank goodness.

Ice skating at Northstar. 

 Noah skiing.

 Lucy skiing.
Roman had the kids the whole weekend while I was on a Young womens trip and took them to Monterey.
 Happy Halloween. Lucy was a princess, Noah was Anakin Sky walker and Bella was tinker bell
 All the babies Bella's age from our ward.
 Our Primary from Moraga ward.
 Noah at his school.  They did this parade of all the grades to show off the costumes.

 Some outings.  Here we are at Discovery Bay park by the city.

 Every one of my kids have loved this car.

Lucy in her Ballet class.  

 Trip to Arizona with the McNaughton Family for a baptism and baby blessing.
 Noah's first soccer team.  Go team Brazil!

 Lucy's friends for pre-school.  Molly, Madden, and Victoria.

 The girls birthday.  How cute are those cupcakes.

 Grandma and birthday girl Bella turning one.
 The party was really in the hot tub.

 Big brother Noah helping out and more interested in blowing out the candles.

 Bella enjoying her cupcake
Happy Birthday to Lucy who turned three.